Francis /Bill/ Hughey

Design leader with 20 years of practice, Bill builds empowered design teams to create valuable experiences in both B2C & B2B environments. He is leading innovative teams to create customer value across retail, finance, & IoT solutions.

    Global Director
    Experience Design
    NOV 2018 /

    Leading design teams in Atlanta, Bangalore, & Shanghai. Creating solutions in the IoT space for SMB & enterprise customers. Identifying needs & creating value through global solutions.


    • Transforming to modern design practice through the adoption of design thinking globally.
    • Creating an integrated experience across an ecosystem consisting of edge devices, desktop & mobile.
    • Creating data-driven design processes that allow for iterative value generation.
    • Supporting enterprise solutions through the creation of modern DLS.
    • Implementing agile research practices that inform & confirm product strategy.
    • Growing capabilities in junior leaders through coaching.

    Senior UX Manager
    JUNE 2015 / JULY 2018

    A catalyst for THD’s transformation to a modern product design process. Leading a team of 63 contributors and managers supporting Merchandising, Pricing, Supply Chain Operations, Store Operations HR, & Warehouse Management.


    • Supporting the enterprise through the creation of a UX Operations Group. Delivering design language system, research repository, & internal training.

    • Established the Enterprise UX process, hiring strategy, & training method building to a team of 170+ designers & researchers.

    • Supported supply chain modernization.

    • Responsible for common services initiatives decreasing solution costs by eliminating duplicative efforts.

    • Built the leadership across the design discipline through workshops & roundtables.

     UX Manager
    DEC 2014 / JUNE 2015

    Guided B2B team with a research first method, leveraging analytics and usability to iterate to success. Leading successful teams in an agile environment by coaching design sprints, research, & usability.

     UX Manager
    July 2011 / OCT 2014

    Supported the transformation from legacy GMAC to Ally financial, leading consumer banking, B2B & auto financing. Directed mobile payments, authenticated banking, product funnel, as well as community-focused Initiatives.

    Senior UX Designer
    Aug 2009 / July 2011

    Served as design team lead for corporate re-brand initiative moving GMAC to the Ally brand. Partnered with external resources to maintain brand cohesiveness across multiple channels. Produced new interaction patterns for Improved usability & increased contextual relevance of financial data.

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    OF PITT.
    1999 / 2001

    Building for the future
    The Smart Edge

    Designing for Context
    Designing for Privacy

    Fireside chat:IOT & Video Analytics

    Facilitation for Leaders

    Habitat for Humanity
    Toys for Tots


    ” In the two and a half years that I worked for Bill, I was encouraged to put people first through relationship building and collaboration, and I was empowered to make changes within my product teams and our larger UX organization; simply put, Bill’s leadership style embraces autonomy, while consistently re-evaluating and re-defining the “why” behind everything we do.” 
    – Beth Y, UX Principal

    “Bill has a masterful ability to translate complex company goals and strategies into both direction and creative input for me in a way I’ve never experienced before. And he somehow did so in such a manner that I was then able to recreate the message to other junior leaders that I helped to support. He always lead his teams with influence built upon a well-known and respected reputation earned by years of sweat equity.”

     – Trey S, UX Program Manager

    “I have reported directly to Bill for over three years at both CareerBuilder and THD. Bill is an outstanding leader and mentor and I attribute so much of my growth and career advancement to him. “

    – Haley H, Manager Services Operations

    “Bill’s uncanny ability to flex between strategy and tactical allows him to see the big picture and to inspire a team by breaking down the work into its components so that designers, developers, and product leaders all know what they need to do for the team to be successful. I could not recommend Bill more highly for any company that is looking for a pragmatic design or product leader. “

    – Cliff S, SR Director UX

    “Bill is a leader who embodies the values of entrepreneurial spirit, taking care of people, and doing the right thing. I witnessed time and time again when Bill was adept at adapting to difficult situations, bringing UXers and stakeholders together with insights and activities that led to clarity and alignment. His years of experience are invaluable at driving digital technology product development processes towards tactical goals while defining and aligning to a strategic vision, helping the Product, UX, and Engineering disciplines.”

    – Jiasheng H, User Experience Senior Manager

     “I could not recommend Bill Hughey enough to any team who’s looking for a leader that is both inspiring, and cares deeply about the success, and growth of his team. Bill brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and wisdom; but not just that, also the principles and tactical knowledge to help lead others and teach them how to lead.”

    – Matt W, Senior Product Designer

    “He is the first manager who made me look forward to one-on-ones. His thoughtful and direct feedback has left a lasting impact in my career. The entire team also recognized his leadership and voted Bill for the “Best in Technology” awards two years in a row. Bill earns my highest recommendation as a team leader. “

    – Jae L, Senior Product Designer

    Product Innovation


    Effective solutions are born from insight. Ask the right questions to understand needs, empathize with users, understand your landscape, and the problems or opportunities that you are seeking to address.

    Experience Design

    Great design is essential. The Design-thinking process is critical for achievement and needs to extend beyond design into engineering and product. The design should converge with business value to create meaningful experiences for users and customers.


    Understanding what drives your customers or users and where these overlap with your business goals to uncover the ideal path to engagement. Build roadmaps to success that are backed by data and driven by market value.


    Understand the needs of your people, grow them to have influence, show them how to create impact & give them autonomy. Build teams focused on collaboration, communication, and accountability. Create products that solve meaningful problems for the user and value for the organization.